Leafgel Premium

Leafgel Premium products are proudly formulated in house and manufactured to the highest standards in Japan, a country famed for their cosmetic industry standards. 


All the gels are Vegan friendly and 10-Free meaning they're free from:

  1. Formaldehyde - a known carcinogen
  2. Toluene - known to cause nausea and harmful to pregnant women
  3. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) - lab testing has indicated it may cause cancer
  4. Camphor - unpleasant odour 
  5. Formaldehyde resin - a known allergen 
  6. Xylene - a known allergen and potential carcinogen 
  7. Parabens - generally agreed to be unnecessary and also a cancer risk
  8. Ethyl Tosylamide -a sulphur based antibiotic banned in Europe for use in cosmetics as it can cause mild to severe allergic reactions
  9. Acetone - a necessity for removals but ideal to keep contact with solvents to a minimum
  10. Animal ingredients - no insect resin, fish scales or unethically obtained ingredients


The range also boasts a growing collection of over 240 colours of matte, pearl and glitter gels in varying viscosities making it possible to cater for a diverse clientele and achieve a myriad of nail art effects. 

The amazing pigmentation and qualities of the gels also mean nail technicians do not have to invest in more than one type of product to do nail art.  Gone are the days of having to invest in another range that has the capabilities to be used for nail art.