Leafgel Premium Level 1 (UK ABT Accredited) - 1 to 1  In person class (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Leafgel Premium Level 1 (UK ABT Accredited) - 1 to 1 In person class (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

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Want to learn how to get the absolute best out of your Leafgel Premium and Lily Gel products? 

Would you like your gel application to last over a month and more?

Would you like to learn how to properly and safely remove gel?


This course will teach you the basics of:

  1. Preparing the natural nail;
  2. Application of Base, Coloured Gel and Top Gel;
  3. Soak off Removal;
  4. Leafgel Premium brand and product information;
  5. Allergies;
  6. Health and Safety;
  7. Aftercare;
  8. Nail Physiology and anatomy;
  9. Nail Disorders and diseases, and;
  10. Salon Management

It will consist of an in person group class held at a specified date and time with a short test.  You will be required to bring a model.  The course will take place over a full day and will have over 7 hours of contact time. 

The course will be as follows:

  1. Your course material will be mailed to your a week prior to your class;
  2. You will be required to complete reading the material on your own prior to the class;
  3. An AET qualified Leafgel Premium Educator will demonstrate preparation, application and removal;
  4. You will demonstrate and practice your understanding of the techniques on your model;
  5. The Educator will also answer any questions;
  6. You must attend the class with a model;
  7. You must pass a short written test based on the course material;
  8. Your educator will ensure your application is up to the required minimum standard.

Upon completion and meeting the examination requirements, you will receive a brand recognised Level 1 qualification which can be used towards an Educator status qualification should you choose to in the future.  You will also receive an accredited Gel Nails qualification certificate.

*This course is accredited by ABT Insurance and can be used towards obtaining insurance to trade in the UK.